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  • Aims and Objectives of the Agency   
  • Nature of services agency provides
  • The relevant qualifications and experience   
  •   Complaints procedure      
  • Complaints against a member’s behaviour or professional conduct.                                                                               


  1. To supply Support /care staff, providing experienced Staff
  2. Hundred fold seeks to deliver extraordinary levels of client and staff satisfaction constantly. 
  3. The Agency recognises that this will be achieved by offering a level of service that far exceeds those expectations of the, clients and service users.   
  4. We are available 24 hours a day to successfully meet the needs of our customers and candidates..


The Agency

  • Set standards and benchmarks of quality, efficiency and administrative excellence, particularly in the area of staff training, that will manifest itself at the point of support/care. To achieve and continually improve the levels of such self-imposed standards, the Agency’s philosophy towards the recruitment and engagement of its management and staff, will assist it in achieving market competitiveness and the clients first choice provider.
  • Will operate a recruitment procedure that exceeds the ‘minimum standards’ prescribed by the minimum standard and incorporated into the registration criteria for  Support/care staff,
  • Demonstrate integrity and professionalism of all its business affairs, and trade within the codes of conduct expected of its client.
  • Concentrate on continual improvement in all aspects of its service delivery through:-
  1. On-going consultation and responsiveness to the client changing needs and demand
  2. The management of daily operation within the frameworks of a recognised quality system.
  3. The recruitment, selection, training/development and retention of its workforce with the client centred culture.
  • Sustain a competitively priced service to its client through ‘best business’ practice by implementing controlled expenditure through proactive credit controls, retaining flexibility in order to adopt and respond to changing market trends. Continuing growth within the ability to supply at a quality level whilst containing expansion within the availability of retained profit and sound market research.

The nature of services

Through its recruitment and selection criteria the Agency will fulfil its obligations as stated within its aims and objectives, in its provision of skilled and experienced staff committed to seeking continued development opportunities, who can demonstrate a high level of competency and a desire to assist the client/service user in achieving their goals, in the community.

The Agency will operate a 24hr service accessible to both client and staff. In the event that a staff cannot fulfil a booked assignment the Agency will endeavour to provide an alternative staff or alert the client in adequate time to make alternative arrangements. In the event that staff is unable to continue with a long term assignment through sickness or personal reasons, the Agency will through consultation with the client seek to replace that staff with another equally suitable worker.

The Agency will charge for its services according to client expectation or contractual negotiation, and will only alter or enhance its charges as market trends, legislative requirement dictate.

The relevant qualification of the support/ care workers

All staff will either have NVQ Level 2 or working towards it.  They would have attended the following training; 

  • Moving and handling
  • First Aid
  • Basic food hygiene
  • Infection control
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding adults and Child Protection
  • Fire Awareness
  • Medication training
  • Dementia
  • Personal hygiene
  • Palliative care
  • Continence promotion
  • pova (etc)

The Complaints Procedure

The process:

For all comments, we ask any individual to contact out office directly or in writing and let us know what you wish to say.

Where there is a complaint, the following process is in place.

If a client representative or any other member of the public is unhappy with our service, they should contact the manager. This can be done in person, via a representative by telephone or in writing .It is important that you contact as soon as possible after an incident so that we can investigate in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • We will issue an acknowledgement of the complaint within 24 hours of received.

We will keep you up to date with the progress of our investigation. This will occur within two weeks of receipt of the complaint.

  • We endeavour to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of our investigation and will confirm our findings to you in writing. We aim to complete the process within 28 days
  • We will demonstrate that where our processes have been found to be at fault, we will take steps to change them to prevent a recurrence.
  • Where investigation into the complaint suggests a recurring pattern of incidents, or where a similar incident/complaint is noted on several occasions, the agency can commission an inquiry into processes and practices related to the issue. This may be undertaken by management representatives or by an external individual/body. The Agency commits to taking action to address any issues identified by any such inquiry.

Complaints against a member’s behaviour or professional conduct.

Complainants should be encourage to speak openly and freely about their concern and should be reassured that whatever they may say will be treated with appropriate confidence and sensibility .Complainants should be treated courteously and sympathetically and where possible involved in decision about how their complaint is handled and considered .

Where a complaint is made against a member of the Agency, we follow processes as defined by employment law, details of which are available from the office.


Any staff member is entitled to support /representation from a trade union or professional body and has the right to appeal.


Where there is finding of serious misconduct against a member of the Agency, it is likely to result in the removal of the member’s name from the register and also notification, where appropriate, of the relevant professional body.

Whistle Blowing



Any member of the Agency who has immediate concerns about practice, procedure or safety within an environment within which they are placed, are directed to the policies and protocols of their placement. The management of the Agency will assist with the use of these processed if requested.




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